By Heather Nicholson

Photos By RB Photography

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, are you in for a treat with this line up tonight!

Saturday, September 21, 2019  at The Raven in Worcester MA .

To start off the night we have a young Hardcore band from

 Worcester, MA. 

Attraction To Tragedy.

When all 3 band-mates come onto the stage, you can tell that they are putting their hearts and soul into their performance.

As the lead singer/guitarist, Jaiden, is doing his solo jam he goes back to back with his bass player, Brandon Blackout, jamming together. I always love seeing that!

You can hear the crowd to start getting wild. For another surprise of the night, they brought back their gifted drummer, 


He twirls his drumsticks, getting the crowd pumped up.

If you were there, you knew this was a great start to start off the night.

The 2nd band of the night is an industrial glam band from Boston MA. called MAN1K1N.

If you are into Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson, then you need to check this band out.

As the fog comes around the stage, the 3 band-mates walk onto the stage.

                All you see is the skull mic stand.  Then all of a sudden you see 

Johnny Veil appear in front of his skull mic stand.

As the music starts, Johnny starts to head-bang, getting the crowd going.

The drums kicks in from the talented drummer, Cristian Carver.

With the guitarist, Tina Stichr, going wild on the stage,

as they get the crowd in a zone.    

At the end of the set, Johnny and Cristian go to the edge of the stage to reach out to fans hands.

I love to see band mates interacting with their fans.

The 3rd act of the night, the headliners, LUSUS.

As the intro starts, the fog comes around the stage. Then, one by one, the band appears on the stage. Max, aka the cat drummer, starts to play the drums.

All of a sudden the Queen of  Lusus comes out, spits fake blood into the air and gets the crowd going. The whole place started going wild for them.

Then Shahin and Jeff walk to edge of the stage and just give you a dead stare, while ripping it on the guitars.

Randomly you see Sam, lead singer, running into the crowd getting a mosh pit going and dancing with random people. Getting into your face and having you sing along.

Talk about a crazy wild set! Showing so much love for their fans is just amazing!

This is just the start of their tour. If you get a chance to go see them LIVE you should!

Click HERE to see full photo set from this event

(See tour schedule below, Click for exclusive interview with LUSUS)

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