Review by Heather Nicholson

Bungalow Bar & Grille, Manchester, NH – July 1, 2019


The opening act to start off this great night was the band Kardia from Pittsfield, MA.,whose musical style is Melodic Hard Rock/Electronic. They got the crowd hyped up. Just going with the flow kind of band and just having fun on stage.

Attraction To Tragedy

The 2rd act of this night, was a hardcore band from Worcester, MA Attraction To Tragedy . From the lead vox/guitarist and bass player back to back ripping it together, to the drummer standing up with his drumsticks tapping together to get the crowd to clap and mosh all together. Getting everyone to headbang with them. It was amazing to get to see this all in one night!

The Funeral Portrait

The 3rd act of this evening was an emotional rock band from Atlanta, GA The Funeral Portrait. They got the whole crowd going. Their energy on stage is amazing! If you are looking for a great time go check them out LIVE!


The 4th act of the evening was Hardcore/Alternative band from Manchester, NH. SLEEPSPIRIT . This was my second time seeing them since there show at Hampton beach with Prospect Hill. No lie, always a nice treat to see them. As the lead singer gets in your face to sing with him, all of a sudden the whole crowd started a big mosh pit. This was one heck of a set,that I was lucky to see LIVE.


The 5th act of the evening was a heavy, rock, groovy band from Boston called Northwoods that got the crowd to come together as one. This is always cool to see, when live music can do that.

Awake At Last

The 6th act of the evening was a dark pop/hard rock band from Dover, DE called Awake At Last. I have been waiting to seem them. Oh man, talk about a music high! As you see the bandmates jumping off the amps and all of them jumping together, you just see and feel the energy, from the band to the crowd. They are all about positive energy and coming together as one family.

Eyes Set To Kill

The 7th and final act of the evening was the headlining band of the night, the Hard Rock band from Tempe, AZ. called Eyes Set To Kill. The lead vocalist is ripping the guitar and singing in harmony. If you haven’t seen a female master an electric guitar, go check out one of their shows!

Written by Heather Nicholson. All Photos by RB Photography.

Attraction To Tragedy

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