Event Review
Ryan Miniutti

The event got off to a great start with a band I have only seen one other time Re:Vision. They have really good, smooth riffs and contributions with 2 capable vocalists.  Always a pleasure to listen to.

The second act is no newcomer to the scene, Sygnal To Noise. This band really has an amazing stage presence. Their guitarist, Joey Nash, seemed to effortlessly captivate your attention with his fantastic blues style. 

By this time, it has been an amazing show, with a good, supportive crowd. Aaron, Joey, and Curtis took the stage about 11pm and let me tell you, if you have seen Iron Dynamite before, you missed, hands down, the best set I ever seen them play. They went through a good portion of their originals, flawlessly. 

Iron Dynamite has really come a long ways in the short time they’ve been on the scene. I can not wait to see what the future holds for these 3 guys!!!

Ryan Miniutti is the owner of Mainely Vapes , a very big supporter of Local Music Earth.
All photos taken By Katelyn Marie for Local Music Earth. Full
Photos of this event can be seen here:
Iron Dynamite CD Release Event

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